Ask any genuinely successful professional salesman what the most important thing is when they are selling and they will all say that it’s their sales process.

They will say, find a good sales process that works for you and master it.

When I was looking for the ultimate sales process I looked for the most effective system that would strategically drive a sales opportunity forward and a system that was simple to use so that I could sell using my natural personality rather than hiding behind sales techniques.

It had to be logical and easy to follow.

I got lucky, I met an amazing salesman who had been trained by the best trainers in the world who taught me basically what has now become the Sales Made Simple method.

The system takes you through a seamless customer-focused needs resolution process which helps you thoroughly understand the customer’s needs and takes you onto what is called a closing staircase which guides me through a simple systematic closing process that is incredibly effective.

Just know what a close is, is helpful. Knowing how to string a series of closes together that help the customer understand why the purchase is going to resolve their needs, is gold.

I always close using a closing staircase now whether it’s for a hundred dollar deal or a $50,000 one. In fact this week I secured a $25,000 donation using this exact same process. It was easy on me and the customer because I helped them make the decision for themselves without using any pressure or persuasion. That why a logical sales process is so valuable.

To learn more about the Sales Made Simple process why don’t you sign up for my starter kit which is a very economical introduction to sales process and how to apply it to your business.

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