I am an introvert and highly sensitive. The upside of this is that I am a highly empathetic, customer-focused and relational person. The downside though is that I can be very scared of being rejected and have a deep fear of failing. As a salesman and fundraiser being this way can be exhausting and very stressful. Fear is not a pleasant feeling and it doesn’t motivate me either.

For me, this all changed when I learnt sales process and sales techniques because suddenly I no longer relied on the power of persuasion and pressure. Sales process taught me how to systematically work through sales conversations with my customers in a way that naturally developed the sales opportunity without me needing to be persuasive or use pressure at all.

Now when I feel fear coming into me when I am selling I simply ask myself what stage of the sales process am I in and what does my process tell me I should do at this stage. If I am closing, my sales process tells me to use close-ended questions to confirm with my customer if my offer is right for them and if not why. It is so simple and always knowing my next step takes all the fear out of the sales conversation.

If you want to know more about the simplest and most effective sales technique that I have ever found, why not sign up for the starter kit of my course and I will show you exactly what sales process is and how to start every sales conversation in a way that takes all the fear of rejection and failure away.

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