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Hi, I am Julian Martin, the author of Sales Made Simple which was published in Australia in 2007.

Since the publication of my first book, I am happy to say that thousands of people have adopted the Sales Made Simple methodology with fantastic results.

At the heart of Sales Made Simple you will find a series of best practice sales techniques that will improve your sales performance and sharpen your sales process.

The concept of Sales Made Simple came to me while I was the Senior Sales Manager for what was, at the time, the largest e-commerce company in the world.

Sales principles that you and your team will actually use

During this time, the Learning and Development team and I were commissioned to develop a set of sales principles that could be adopted by our global sales teams.

We started the project by analysing the effectiveness of the sales training that the company had previously paid tens of thousands of dollars for.

We wanted to understand what had worked and what had not, and why.

It turned out that our biggest issue from the previous sales training attempts was the ‘take up’ by the team.

The feedback from our sales managers and senior sales executives was that this previous training was too complex to work with, both individually and as teams.

The Sales Made Simple 4-step method for selling

The team and I needed a better sales process.

We wanted to learn sales principles that would strengthen our sales opportunities from the very beginning of our sales calls so that we could close them more effectively at the end of the negotiation.

Most importantly we wanted a sales process that all our staff could follow, from the mailroom to the board room. We wanted something that would help us instill a company wide sales culture.

So with this in mind, the project team and I got to work to analyze the best sales techniques and processes from around the world. Then we boiled it all down to create the simplest process possible using the most effective best practice sales techniques that we could find.

Once we did that we trained the global sales teams and continued to measure, refine and optimize the system over a 6 month period.

What we saw happen after that was simply remarkable!

Areas of Expertise

Sales Training

As the author of Sales Made Simple, I personally deliver engaging, effective and credible sales training to individuals, teams, and groups.

My sales training and talks are drawn from 30 years’ sales experience, where my teams and I closed more than $350,000,000 of new business.

My sales training is based on the sales process and techniques that I learnt throughout my career and made popular in my book Sales Made Simple which was published in 2007.

The Sales Made Simple process divides the sales cycle into 4 stages and then shows you the best practice sales techniques that systematically improves every opportunity through each of the four stages.

Closing becomes seamless within the process and objections are easily dealt with.

I personally deliver this sales training through full-day, half-day, and two-hour workshops.

I can tailor Sales Made Simple training to suit any specific industry, business, need or issue.

CRM for Sales

The Sales Made Simple methodology is designed so that you get the most out of your CRM.

Whether it is, Raiser’s Edge, ThanQ or any other platform, Sales Made Simple will improve how you use your CRM.

Integrating the Sales Made Simple 4-step process and sales techniques with your CRM will powerfully improve how you bring every sales opportunity through each stage of your sales funnel and to a close.

The system removes assumptions and applies focus and rigor to your opportunity pipeline.

You will be able to accurately forecast income and measuring your performance through your entire sales process.

We specialise in CRM integration using the Sales Made Simple methodology to optimise every sales opportunity, measure performance and improve your sales processes as you go.

For Charities

The Sales Made Simple process and sales techniques apply perfectly to fundraising.

The Sales Made Simple process has been successfully applied to numerous charity fundraising departments with outstanding results.

The process empowers fundraisers to build a better understanding of their donor’s objectives and match these objectives to the charity’s program.

One of the hardest issues that most fundraisers face is how to get to and make the ‘ask’. The Sales Made Simple method is designed to remove assumptions as you develop the opportunity so that the ‘ask’ becomes seamless and natural, and not a difficult question.

The Sales Made Simple process and principles will improve your donor relationships while teaching you powerful opening and closing techniques.

I am a seasoned fundraiser with CEO and Head of Fundraising experience ranging from startups to mid-size charities with $20 million plus fundraising targets.

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