The book

A four-step method for selling anything to anyone that always gets results.

Combine a natural gift for communication with enthusiasm, confidence and energy and you have a powerful driving force. Add that to a sales environment and you create a revenue-making machine.

That pretty well sums up JULIAN MARTIN and his 30-year sales career.

As a Sales Manager and Director, Martin realised that the art of salesmanship wasn’t easily conveyed to others.

In order to grasp the science of it, he has taken the best overall sales practices and broke them down into 4 concise steps to create a powerful method called Sales Made Simple.

The Sales Made Simple method is simple and easy to learn yet incredibly effective. It is a complete sales process, and flexible enough to be applied to any product or service.

If you adopt just one of the Sales Made Simple steps your technique will improve; apply all four and you revolutionise your sales ability.