Learn how to enjoy selling and stop loosing sales, even if you are an introvert or find closing challenging

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What others are saying about Sales Made Simple

This is a great course. It has prepared me to go into selling situations with a plan and a process. Thank you
Phil Mace

Digital Producer

I love systems that work. This is so simple yet so clever. Selling has suddenly become easier and much more enjoyable. Thank you SMS – this is something I will use for the rest of my life.

Danique Buskemolen

Personal Coach, Sydney

I picked up a copy of SMS from my local book shop. I was so impressed that I bought 12 more copies- one for each of my staff in my travel agency business. 


Travel Agent, Byron Bay

It helped me think about what our charity had to offer from a donor’s perspective and how to tailor that offer appropriately. 

Simon Gould

Small Charity

I am an empathetic and sensitive person. I would not call myself a typical salesman but I believe in my product. SMS has helped to sell more effectively and ethically, without being too salesy.

Mike Stuart

Sales Lead, Sydney

Brilliant- I actually feel like I know what I am doing now- thank you for these basics. It’s great to find something that actually works.

Melisa Pomero

Accountant, Sydney

Why this program is different to anything you have tried before

Get 70% Off When You Get Started Today for Only $29
(You save $70)

About Julian Martin

As a Sales Manager and Director, Julian realised that the art of salesmanship wasn’t easily conveyed to others.

In order to grasp the science of it, he has taken the best overall sales practices and broken them down into 4 concise steps to create a powerful and well-recognized method called Sales Made Simple.

The Sales Made Simple method is simple and easy to learn yet incredibly effective.

It is a complete sales process, and flexible enough to be applied to any product or service.

If you adopt just one of the Sales Made Simple steps your technique will improve.

When you apply all four you will revolutionize your sales ability.

Frequently asked questions:

Using Sales Process is like using a map.

Once you learn this simple 4 step process you will always know where you are within the sales negotiation and how to get to where you want to be, the close

It will take about 2 hours to complete the 10 lessons in the Starter Kit. That would include using the workbook (download) and all the Q&As.

There are 32 lessons in the full course. Each lesson takes roughly 7-15 minutes to watch and answer the questions.

At least 10 of the lessons would be worth repeating a few times.

So, what is that? Around 5 hours all up if you do all the Q&As and gamification. Of course, you can take it all at your own pace because you have lifetime access to the courses.

I think the best way of doing it is to do one step of the process each week, over 3 weeks. The 4th step is a very short step.

Using Sales process is like using a map. It shows you where you are and how to get to where you want to be, which in this case is a closed deal.

Sales techniques are the actions you take at each stage of the process. Like driving the car along the road that you found on the map.

Sales Made Simple feels like driving a Tesla.

Absolutely yes! Sales process and sales techniques are generic and universal.

You simply adapt the techniques to suit what you sell.

It’s like driving a car. Once you know how to drive you can basically drive any car.

It’s as simple as that.

Making sales ethical is easy if you follow the SMS best practice process and techniques.

The techniques are customer focused and empower the customer to make a choice rather than through pressure or persuasion.

The process takes care of the direction the sales needs to go in to make a sale.

This makes the whole process far less stressful for you and the customers

Selling should be a joy.

You should enjoy selling what ever it is that you sell.

Sales Made Simple will help you get there ethically and joyfully.

Sales Made Simple is all about customer engagement and maximizing every sales opportunity.

The process is generic and can be applied to any sales scenario, product or service.

I guarantee it!

So to answer the question, its for anyone who sells anything to anyone.

Sales Made Simple is a 4-step sales process and a set of sales techniques that will help you close more sales opportunities.

The 4 step use best practice sales techniques with each step. Once you have learnt this methodology you will go on to master it and use it for the rest of your life.

It’s like the ABC of sales on steroids.

If you have read this far…. take a leap of faith

What if this moment is the moment where you can change your future for the better…forever?

How much better will you feel knowing that you can sell your product or service confidently, effectively and ethically.

Would that be a huge relief and help you make more money?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here. When I learnt this system, I was on the verge of another failed career, and it turned my life and career around.

I know what it is like to feel miserable, awkward and demotivated about selling. Let me help you turn it around.

I have helped hundreds of people learn how to sell more effectively and confidently. I have seen people turn from being stressed out to enjoying selling in a whole new way. Yes, selling can be fun, for you and your customers.

Let me help you close more sales opportunities even if you are an introvert or don’t see yourself as a sales person.

 I would like nothing more than to see you learn how to sell more easily and effectively,


*Please don’t buy this program if you’re even thinking of a refund. Instead, read this page. Understand what we are offering, and then make a commitment to follow through. You’re the only one who can transform yourself and we believe in you 100%.


Sales Made Simple is backed by a fully refundable, 7 Day money-back guarantee.

If you go through the program and complete the course in its entirety and genuinely don’t think it has helped you, then we will refund your money*.

I back this program because it is back by over 30 years of experience in high-pressure sales environments. All you need to do is back yourself because you’ve got this! It can change your life, for the better, promise!

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