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With a 4-step method for selling anything that always gets results

Small to Medium Size Business
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Sales Proffesionals and Teams
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Learn to enjoy selling effectively,
confidently and ethically.

I teach a simple 4-step sales process and easy to use sales techniques.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will enjoy selling effectively using best practice sales process and sales techniques.

Your customers will enjoy making buying choices without you having to use any persuasion or pressure, and they will even stop saying that they will think about it!

You will know how to open and close every sales conversation, and expertly guide every sales opportunity to completion.

You will skilfully close every deal in a customer focused way, using proven closing techniques.

You will enjoy connecting with your customers more confidently, ethically and effectively.

You will always know your next best step where ever you are at within any sales situation, without having to make assumptions





Course Structure

Sales Made Simple is ‘easy to learn’ sales training that teaches best practice sales process and world-renowned sales techniques.

The course is divided into 4 learning modules that reflect the 4-step of the sales process. There are 31 short lessons that make up the entire course within the 4 modules.

The course is designed to makes sense to every learner no matter what level of sales experience they may already have. 




Sales Process and Discovery

  1. Sales Process
  2. Discovery and Needs Analysis
  3. Discovery Sales Techniques
  4. Uncovering Customer Core Requirements and Hot Buttons
  5. Prioritising Core Requirements

Build Value and Needs Resolution

  1. Needs Resolution
  2. Unique Selling Points
  3. Features, Advantages and Benefits
  4. Value Propositions
  5. Writing Proposals and Case Studies (Workbook 2)

Gain Commitment and Close

  1. The Close
  2. The Closing Staircase
  3. Dealing with Objections
  4. Turning Objections into Closes
  5. The Final Close
  6. 62 Different Closes and Definition (Workbook 3)

Affirm the Sale

  1. Affirm the Sale
  2. Pre-empting Buyer’s Remorse
  3. Affirming Customer’s Core Requirements
  4. Customer Satisfaction
  5. Customer Referrals
  6. Summary of the Sales Made Simple Methodology

Our Happy Students!

This was a great course that supprised me what I did not know. Going back to basics reminded me that I need to go into a selling situation with a plan and a method. Now to put it into practice

Thank you
Phil Mace

Digital Producer

Brilliant- I actually feel like I know what I am doing now- thank you for these basics. It’s great to find something that actually works.


Accountant, Sydney

I picked up a copy of SMS from my local book shop. I was so impressed that I bought 12 more copies- one for each of my staff in my travel agency business. We now all use the same process and our sales have improved markedly, and we are becoming expert closers.


Travel Agent, Byron Bay

Learning at Your Pace

“At the heart of the Sales Made Simple course is a series of 31 short sales training lessons and 5 workbooks. ”

Julian Martin

Every lesson is delivered through animated video and each lesson has a quiz to help the learner memorise what they have just learnt.

The 31 lessons are divided into 4 modules which reflect the structure of the 4-step sales process. This means the learner can work at their own pace building their sales skill systematically, step by step as they go through the course.

By going through the learning modules step by step from modules 1 to 4 the learner will experience how the best practice sales techniques work together systematically and strategically to enable a sale.

The learner could choose to do one module per week, allowing them to practice what they have learnt before moving on to the next module.

Or they could choose to do the whole course in a one day intensive. An intensive one-day course would work best in a team environment where students can practice what they learn with each other.

You really can go at your own pace with this.

Sales Made Simple
the story

Hi, I am Julian Martin, the author of Sales Made Simple which was originally published in Australia in 2007.

Since the publication of my first book, I am happy to say that thousands of people have adopted the Sales Made Simple methodology with fantastic results.

At the heart of Sales Made Simple you will find a series of best practice sales techniques that will improve your sales performance and sharpen your sales process.

The concept of Sales Made Simple came to me while I was the Senior Sales Manager for what was, at the time, the largest e-commerce company in the world.

Learning and Development

During this time, the Learning and Development team and I were commissioned to develop a set of sales principles that could be adopted by our global sales teams.

We started the project by analysing the effectiveness of the sales training that the company had previously paid tens of thousands of dollars for. We wanted to understand what had worked and what had not, and why.

It turned out that our biggest issue from the previous sales training attempts was the ‘take up’ by the team.

The feedback from our sales managers and senior sales executives was that this previous training was too complex to work with, both individually and as teams.

That’s how the concept of Sales Made Simple was germinated. Now the concept has been developed into a book, an inhouse sales training program and an online course.

SMS Proccess-graphic

A 4-step method for selling that always get results