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After a 30-year sales career, Julian Martin has taken his best overall sales practices and broken them down into 4 concise steps to create a powerful method called Sales Made Simple.

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This was a great course that supprised me what I did not know. Going back to basics reminded me that I need to go into a selling situation with a plan and a method. Now to put it into practice

Thank you
Phil Mace

Digital Producer

Brilliant- I actually feel like I know what I am doing now- thank you for these basics. It’s great to find something that actually works.

Accountant, Sydney

I picked up a copy of SMS from my local book shop. I was so impressed that I bought 12 more copies- one for each of my staff in my travel agency business. We now all use the same process and our sales have improved markedly, and we are becoming expert closers.

Travel Agent, Byron Bay

Learn best practice sales techniques from an experienced sales leader!

Even after a 30-year sales career where he and his teams closed more than $350,000,000 worth of new business, Julian Martin would be the first to say that he is not a stereotypical salesman.

He is sensitive, caring and highly empathetic. Was this the key to his success?

Julian’s sales career started out of necessity rather than choice. He immediately struggled with the emotional roller coaster that can come with multiple wins and rejections. Putting people under pressure to buy using his powers of persuasion weighed heavily on him.

“I personally felt responsible for my clients as well as my employers. I was constantly juggling awkward feelings when things didn’t go right for the customer, while at the same time trying to stay loyal to my employer. When I became a Sales Manager it became even more complex, and now I needed to also think about my team and their issues.”

A few years down the track Julian landed a job with Australia’s largest magazine publisher. Here he was introduced to a new colleague from London who was expert in sales techniques. His name was Hamish.

Hamish was trained by the best sales trainers in the world, and what he showed Julian completely changed his approach to selling, for ever.

“Much of the process that Hamish taught me is what I teach with Sales Made Simple. After working with this system for 25 years I have refined the process even further. I teach traditional tried and tested sales process in a way that people can easily pick-up. I love teaching people this stuff because I see people react like I did when Hamish taught me. It’s transformational!”

“The thing I like the most is knowing how much anxiety and stress is taken away through this authentic ethical approach. It creates ease and space for both the seller and the buyer. You can leave all that pressure and persuasion behind you and choose to empower people to make choices instead.”

Julian is the author and creator of Sales Made Simple which was originally published in 2007 and in now available as an online course.

Julian’s Awards

Global Fundraising Award Opportunity International Presented in Manila, Philippines

Employee of the Year HammondCare 2015 Sydney, NSW, Australia

Employee of the Year Getty Images, 2006 Australia New Zealand

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